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There are just a couple of plot archetypes used to tell stories across media, movies, and marketing. When you take the quiz, you'll discover the best story archetype for your business to use to tell stories. After, you'll receive a Story Archetype Guide you can follow to create and tell structured stories across all your platforms!

What's the quiz about?

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• A quick overview and a detailed summary of each plot point within your archetype
• Detailed examples and case studies of your story archetype being used in the real world
• A list of where you can use your story archetype and some ideas on how to use it

What's going to be included in thie guide?

Sneak Peek Of What's Coming

Overcoming the Monster is for businesses that "fight" alongside their customers to help them overcome their problems. Audiences connect with this underdog story which empowers them to stand up and fight against their problems.

the Monster

This story is about a hero that is called to face and overcome a personification of evil, looks for ways to defeat the monster and emerge victorious.

Rags to Riches is for businesses that help their clients achieve their goals. This story inspires audiences to take action in pursuing their dreams by letting them know it is possible to achieve them.

Rags to riches

This story is about a hero escaping their difficult life to pursue their dreams of something more.

The Quest is for businesses that are experts in their subject and one piece of a much larger puzzle. Audiences are motivated by the story's passion for bringing people together for a purpose greater than themselves.


This story is about a hero who receives a calling bigger than themselves that they must accomplish.

Voyage and Return is for businesses that navigate their client's problems together. Audiences are intrigued by this story to venture out of their comfort zone and into a place of growth or adventure.

& Return

This story is about a hero who longs for change and journeys to find growth or new experiences.

Rebirth is for businesses that help steer their customers towards the solution, empowering them come to the realization. By relating to audiences' problems, this story proves redemption is possible.


This story is about a lost hero finds hope to liberate themselves from darkness.

As a business owner, I always look for ways to connect with my audience and share my experiences. In the past couple of years, storytelling it the number one way to do it. Everyone says to use stories in your marketing, but no one shows you how. So I took it upon myself to go out and learn storytelling. I studied how stories are structured, when is the best time to use them, what types works in what situations, etc.

But with much knowledge, comes much overwhelm. I felt like there was no clear structure or system in place that could be applied to business and marketing. So I took pieces of many different tools and techniques and put it into a condensed system that fits together to help structure stories, so you can indeed become a true storyteller.

I now consider myself a story aficionado and teller. I use stories everywhere (including right here). My best performing content is structured using my story archetype. Now I help others do the same.

Branding expert & strategic Designer
(and creator of this quiz)

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